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Wedding Videography: Why You Need It

Recently, I’ve had a ton of brides tell me that they have friends that had gotten married recently, and their biggest regret was not hiring a videographer…or a GOOD videographer.


    See, The problem is that most couples don’t think a videographer is a good  investment of their money. Unfortunately, later they end up regretting not having one.


However, we have also served brides that really get the importance of having great photography and videography. These couples are such a pleasure to work with, and getting great coverage of their wedding is a decision that they will cherish forever. These couples always tell us that they will not compromise on their photo or video vendors; that they are willing to put the most money into those two vendors than any other in their wedding. When I hear that, I’m just thinking “YES. You guys get it!”


And I agree with them completely. Having those real, tangible memories of your wedding is likely the best gift you can receive on your wedding day.


So, please, don’t compromise! The cost for good videography is well worth it. Find the videography vendor that is right for you, and book with them! Like, right now. Seriously. Go. Now.

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