Recently I’ve been thinking about teamwork. Is it helpful? There are those (like me), who are independent and like doing things themselves. The question is: what is the sacrifice of working alone?


I’ve been working on creating a small business from scratch over the last few years, mostly by myself. My partner, Yvette Fries, has been awesome for the most recent work, but I still do mostly everything myself. Designing my website taught me a lot about the need of teamwork.


There are three reasons why teamwork, having at least one person inputing their ideas and thoughts into a project, is essential to a quality brand and product or service.


1. You get to do all the hard work.
No one enjoys doing all the work for anything, even their own projects. One thing that is difficult about being a hard-working independent person is that you get to do it all…by yourself.


2. You miss perspective
While designing my website, I had Yvette give me feedback with every little detail of the site, like the photos, the headers, the content, and everything else. If she hadn’t been honest about what she thought looked bad, the site would have turned out much differently and less well-rounded. Her different creativity and viewpoint gave strength to the site’s structure. Her unique view is great to have alongside mine.


3. You lose motivation
I’ve been working on a 3D animation project for over a year now, and, while I really do wish I could finish it soon, it has taken a back-burner on the stove. Doing a lot of work by yourself can be difficult because you must prioritize differently than you’d like. Some things take priority over current projects, and then you find it hard to finish the current projects.


Teamwork and collaboration is a must if you want to see success coming from the products and services you provide. I’d venture to say that if you want people to like what you’re doing in any area of your life, you need more than one brain thinking of new ways to make it better.