Super Cool New Products


Recently, I have been thinking: how can we make our videography services more valuable for our couples that we serve?


The ideas I came up with even had some of our team wondering about my sanity.


So, What’s New?


First, I thought of doing free Same-Day Edit videos. This video product is a unique way to end your wedding night. What we do is edit you a video sneak-peek of your wedding the day of, so you can watch it before the reception ends. It’s a really cool way to end the night.


Now, normally, the Same-Day Edit will cost you over $1,000 from other wedding videography companies, and I wondered why that is. Editing this video actually helps begin the process and speeds up processing the highlight video, so really, this video isn’t costing us too much time in the end. There you go. Free.


Second, I had the idea of starting a video option of a “Love Story.” This is a video where we take the two of you out to a pretty place and record the whole story of how you met, how he proposed, and what you hope the future looks like. This is a really cool way to remember all the details 40 years from now. Plus, some couples are actually playing this video at their reception on repeat so people can watch at their leasure. Super cool! And yes, for the first 20 couples, we are doing this video for free. Check out our deals on WeddingWire!


If you have a really cool video idea for your wedding, run it by me! If I absolutely love the idea and it is unique, I might just help you out with it for a very low cost.