Style vs. Service

When starting a small business doing visual services such as videography, photography, and graphic design, one often asks the question: why would someone hire me instead of someone else? The answer we find at first often tends to be “because I offer more at a lower price!”


However, does business really work like that? Sometimes, yes, but not always. especially in photography and videography, a client wants to see a unique style about what you do that they like. They want to find a photographer or videographer that makes them feel the best, and one that has a style that they personally love. Sure, some will say “cheapest price wins.” However, most people want something that they will love later on, and they are certainly willing to pay for it.


So what stance do you choose in your work life, be it visuals or office work? “I offer more for cheaper” or “I have learned my craft, and I know it well: do you want amazing results?” This is a way of living; it’s not just to sell a photography package to a bride. people will know you as either being cheap or having a unique style that people want. Choose, and stick to it!