Dead Lines


Professionals hate them, consumers subconsciously love them. They are intimidating, and they are exhilarating. The fastest story wins.


Deadlines mean more than just a due date. To professionals, it means their career, their family’s well-being, and their future. Being professional means accepting that work you do needs to be timely and of high-quality. It may be hard to achieve both fast work and quality work, and once in a while, one must compromise one or the other.


So, deadlines. Either love them or hate them, they are a professional reality in this time. They will always be there. For a professional, they need to be symbolic of work ethic, determination, and perserverance. Each person that aspires to be an outstanding professional would do well to learn to see deadlines as a challenge. Without discipline and good practice, deadlines can devour a person. Start the discipline now, and never let the discipline stop.